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Complete SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Training for 2013-2014 in DVDs (Urdu & Hindi)

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In this complete course in DVDs you’ll learn complete SEO, Off-Page SEO, On-Page SEO, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, WordPress Complete SEO Pack, Blogger SEO Pack, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytic Tool, Bing Web Master Tools, Course is according to 2013 and 2014, you’ll know how to use SEO top 30 tools. And the course is in Urdu and Hindi languages, you can get this course by simply calling to me on: 03412221598 or email:

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we are showing golden rules to increase traffic to your website through simple SEO or search engine optimisation techniques tools and tips.If you are no already doing this and If you apply some of these tips, your traffic will increase soon and with that comes more exposure and more business. This is not rocket science, just experience how to make websites better, more transparent to Google and more visible.
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SEO Content 2016 Tutorial – How To Create And Optimize Content – Search Engine Optimization

SEO Content 2016 Tutorial – How To Create And Optimize Content – Search Engine Optimization

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This video tutorial will teach you how you can create great content for your website, blog, youtube page… It will also teach you where to publish it and how to optimize it for your target phrase.

If you’re thinking what to publish, the answer is easy: great content! You should put a lot of work in making it and it WILL bring in quality valuable traffic. When you make content make sure you are comfortable with describing it with the following adjectives: useful, shareworthy, generous, unique, helpful, complete, newsworthy, entertaining.

You may also be wondering where to publish your content. You have a few options like on a new page on an existing website, on a 3rd-party website or even on a completely new domain. Ideally you of course want to publish on your own website, but only if it naturally fits under your brand. You need to also ask yourself if you need other content, to make the content credible. If that’s the case you should create it. In case you’re just looking for a quick start a 3rd-party website is recommended.

To optimize your content you must individually optimize your title tage, phrase used on the page, image alternative text, headings and internal links.

10 eBay SEO Myths – #1: Search Engine Optimization = Tricks

In our new series, 10 eBay SEO Myths, I dispel a number of misconceptions about search engine optimization on eBay and provide some valuable SEO tips for eBay listings, a number of which you likely haven’t heard before.

In this first video, I discuss a prevailing concept that SEO is a series of tricks or gimmicks intended to “game the search engine” in order to get an eBay item at the top of search results.

I provide a brief historical background of SEO on eBay and talk about how myths gain in believability as they are repeated. I also define search engine optimization as a methodology.

I talk about how industry experts have referred to SEO as “shortcuts” and a “black art”, and I explain why these individuals have mistaken legitimate SEO for what is known as “black hat” SEO. These often-unethical techniques include paid backlinks, keyword stuffing, and cloaked and doorway pages and are not actual SEO at all.

In addition to describing why SEO for eBay sellers is so important to making maximum potential sales, I also provide a brief description of Cassini, eBay’s second major search engine.


eBay’s original SEO pages

eBay head of SEO says pages are outdated

Architect of Cassini refers to SEO as unfair “shortcuts”

eBay expert calls SEO a “black art”

eBay builds data center in Utah to run Cassini


#1: Search Engine Optimization = Tricks

#2 – Descriptive Terms Are the Best Keywords

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What Is Organic SEO? and How Does Natural Search Engine Optimization Work

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What Is Organic SEO?
Natural Search Engine Optimization better known as Organic SEO involves a combination of On and Off Page SEO getting your website, Blog and even your Video Ranked in search engines like Google. The process is much like planting a seed in the ground; the soil and water are like the On page SEO and the sunlight is the Off page SEO. If you keep feeding that seed in this case your website. Everyday you’ll see your growth in your Ranking


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01 Search Engine Optimization Training Course Introduction

01 Introducing complete search engine optimization course presented by one of Australia’s leading SEO Expert.

To get the best possible results from this SEO training tutorial course, simply start by watching this introduction video session.

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Etsy Listings and Search Engine Optimization | Simple SEO Ideas for Sellers

I’m sharing some Etsy SEO tips and tricks that I’ve learned during my 6+ years selling on the platform. These are little things I’ve consistently done within my Etsy listings that I believe have helped my shop get noticed and contributed to my 25,000+ sales.

*NOTE* These are my ideas and personal practices. They are not officially tested or outlined by


I outline the difference between Etsy’s search engine optimization and other e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify. Plus, ways I setup my Etsy listings to be favorable to Google and other search engines. Titles, listing description and tags are the three vital aspects of an Etsy list. I go over ways to optimize these components to be found by search engines.

Help your Etsy shop get found by Google + the Etsy search bar with these easy modifications and tricks.

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What is SEO || Search Engine Optimization Strategies || Get Success on YouTube

What is SEO || Search Engine Optimization Strategies || Get Success on YouTube

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Search Engine Optimization Software – SEO Software FREE

Search Engine Optimization Software free download of fully functional SEO software.Track links pointing to your website. Building incoming links is a major part of good Search Engine Optimization. The number of good incoming links has a direct effect on your site’s rankings! For SEO ideas, software and seo services, visit:

SEO tutorial: What is search engine optimization? |

This SEO tutorial explains what search engine optimization is, what search engines are looking for, and areas you might improve your search ranking. Watch more at


This tutorial is a single movie from the first chapter of the SEO Fundamentals course presented by author David Booth. The complete course is 3.5 hours long and explains what search engine optimization (SEO) is and how you can start using it to increase your website’s visibility to search engines and attract the right kind of traffic to the right kinds of pages on your site.

SEO Fundamentals table of contents:
1. Overview of Search Engine Optimization
2. Keywords: The Foundation of SEO
3. Content Optimization: How Search Engines and People View Web Pages
4. Content Optimization: Technical SEO
5. Long-Term Content Planning
6. Link-Building Strategies
7. Measuring SEO Effectiveness
8. SEO for Ecommerce
9. Local Search
10. International SEO

Ano ang Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? – Filipino Tutorial

Ang Philippines SEO industry ay patuloy na lumalaki. Sa video na ito ay matutunan ninyo ang mga basic na konsepto sa search engine optimization o SEO.

Ito ang proseso nang pag-iimpluwensiya ng mga resulta sa mga search engine katulad ng Google, Yahoo, at Bing. Ang pinaka-layunin ng SEO ay ang maging una sa mga resulta para sa mga search term na may kinalaman sa webpages na nais mong i-promote. Kapag ang iyong webpage ay nakalista unang-una sa isang search term, malaki ang tyansa na ang iyong webpage ang unang i-cliclick ng isang searcher.